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Cost Savings

Keep your exercise equipment running smooth Extended Service Plans from Icon Fitness represent the best extended coverage available. There is never a deductible and your service plan covers all electrical and mechanical repairs. Even if your product needs major repairs, you will pay no out-of-pocket expenses.

Common Repairs Avg. Repair Cost Warranty Plan Cost Cost Savings
Bearings, Replacement $240 $149.99* $90.01
Console/Monitor $600 $149.99* $450.01
Tension Motor $285 $149.99* $135.01
Belt/Chain $205 $149.99* $55.01
Axle/Wheel Bearings $220 $149.99* $70.01

*Pricing based on a 3-Year Standard Warranty Plan for $301-$1,000 Icon Fitness Treadmill/Elliptical

Service Conveniences Avg. Repair Cost Service Plan Cost Cost Savings
Delivery on Replacement Merchandise $150 + Parts Cost** $199.99* $260.01**
Console/Monitor $160 + Parts Cost** $199.99* $270.01**
Tension Motor $95 + Parts Cost** $199.99* $205.01**

*Pricing based on a 3-Year Premier Service Plan for $301-$1,000 Icon Fitness Treadmill/Elliptical
**Assumes $310 Average Part Cost